Print made professional

We know that printing on nonwoven fabrics for the hygiene industry needs to be handled as professionally as producing nonwoven fabrics itself. To master this and to offer our customers innovative and efficient solutions, we continuously invest in new technology and in our highly skilled and dedicated people.

The big idea

When founded in Germany in 2007, Innowo Print was a small, regional, independent printing company with a vision to make world-class printing directly on lightweight nonwoven fabrics for the hygiene industry. The big idea was to make an alternative to print on film to improve the visual experience and give the designer new possibilities and more space to play with. An alternative that should still be safe to use in products with direct skin contact.

People Printing Perfection

This is our customer promise – our people naturally engage in strong and personal relationships – and use the different inks, the different print sleeves and the different settings on the press – everything to perfection. Detailed designs in many colours, scent, hydrophilic feature or other attributes can be added to the nonwoven in the printing process. Our people print on many types of nonwovens ranging from 8 g/m2 and up to 100 g/m2


Innowo Print AG was founded in 2007 in Ilsenburg, Germany – with one special flexographic press and five employees as a joint venture with Fibertex Personal Care (15%) and two businessmen. More printing lines were installed and in 2014 Fibertex Personal Care acquired full ownership of Innowo Print.


Innowo Print employs approx. 160 people around the world – Germany, Malaysia and in the USA.



We have printing facilities in Germany, Malaysia and in the USA.

Business area

Our customers represent well-known global consumer brands in baby diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence care products.

Market share

Innowo Print is a global market leading brand in direct printing on a wide range of types of nonwovens used in the Personal Care industry.


Innowo Print AG is part of Fibertex Personal Care Group, which is owned by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

Code of Conduct

Over the years, we have built a reputation of having high business ethics – and as an important contribution to our continuous success, we have made a common set of guiding principles to help all in our group to navigate across different cultures, traditions, local laws and regulations.

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Our history

Innowo Print through time.


Establishing print facility in Asheboro, North Carolina, USA

Parent company, Fibertex Personal Care, is investing in new Innowo Print printing facilities in Asheboro, NC, USA, to meet the growing demand for printed nonwovens in North and South America.


Expanding with second print line in Nilai, Malaysia


BRC/IOPC Certificate

Printing for the Hygiene Industry. Direct Flexoprinting on nonwovens, foil and film laminates (PE and PP combinations) for personal care applications especially baby care, femcare and incontinence care.


Establishing print print facility in Nilai, Malaysia

The investment is built on the growing demand for printed nonwovens in Asia and will support the further development of the Innowo Print brand.


New building in Ilsenburg, Germany

New production hall, warehouse and laboratory is built – ready for further growth and coming new print machines.


ISO 50001 Certificate

Direct printing on Nonwovens. Innowo Print has proved that an energy management system was established and is successfully applied in accordance with the requirements of the international standard.


Acquired by Fibertex Personal Care

The remaining 85% of the shares in Innowo Print AG is acquired by Fibertex Personal Care A/S.
In this connection, the visual expression was revised and a graphic element showing the letter “W” was introduced as a unique element in the company logo to symbolise the printing technique and process.


Increasing capacity in Ilsenburg, Germany with third line


Second print line set up in Ilsenburg, Germany with second line


Commercial production starts in Ilsenburg, Germany

The first line is ready for commercial production.


It starts here

Two innovative people - one from a nonwoven fabrics manufacturer company and one from a print company saw the business opportunity in combining their expertise and shortly after a joint venture was established. They named the new company Innowo Print.The first part of the name derives from the words “innovative” and “nonwoven”. The nonwoven fabrics manufacturer was Fibertex A/S (now Fibertex Personal Care) who bought 15% of the shares. In other words - Innowo Print and Fibertex A/S became a Joint venture.