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Your imagination is our dedication. Bring us your idea and we will test it, optimise it and print it. If you can imagine it, we can print it.

We print on all types of nonwoven, such as carded nonwovens, air through bonded, spunlace and spunbond – and have built up extensive experience in direct printing on nonwoven fabrics. In close corporation with our customers, we improve aesthetics and appearance of the product without compromising easy converting into the final products. Detailed design in many colours, scents, hydrophilic features or other attributes can be added to nonwoven fabrics in the printing process.

Pitch, registration & centering are challenging – but we can

Our Technology

We use a Flexographic technology – and from our facilities in Germany, Malaysia and the USA,
we print on many types of nonwovens.

The production is based on sleeve technology, and two terms are used about printing graphics, including:

1. Random Print – repeats itself over and over again without any special requirements to positioning of the print in the x-y direction.

2. Synchronized print – also called registered print, has to be positioned with the exact same x-y distance for every rotation of the printing sleeve.

Overview of machine capabilities

Number of colours 1 – 8
Nonwovens 8 g/m2 up to 100 g/m2
Ink Solvent and water based
Material width Up to 1700 mm
Print width Up to 1650 mm
Single print length 370 mm – 1250 mm
Slitting Min. 60 mm
Slits across the width Max. 19 slits
Cores un- & rewind 76 mm/152 mm
Diameter un- & rewind Up to 1300 mm

At Innowo Print we only use ink series and pigments which fulfil the requirements in the European Cosmetics Directive – column 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Quality philosophy

Innowo Print has the right technology and machinery, but it is responsible and quality-conscious employees in every link of the value chain that ensures our customers the high quality they expect in our products and service.

Quality systems

We have formalised a working processes in our globally integrated Operational Guidelines – and developed a system ensuring best in class quality assurance, product quality and quality logistics. The result is accountability and traceability through every step of the production process – from raw material to final delivery.

When we say we can – we can.

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